We make your prospect becomes unique!
Our program makes that your horse becomes more safe and willing to do the best it can. 
Our trainers have a huge knowledge for starting and following young and older horses until they are ready to show.

A perfectly matched team with passion and love for horses at the Grey Stone Ranch

Girinon Perfomance Horses stays for excellent training, coaching and showing of Reining Horses. Togehter with one of the most modern facility, it's the perfect match to train and show horses at best possible conditions.
Arnaud Girinon is one of the top 15 trainers in Europe and is NRHA Open World Champion. 
He always try to bring the best out of the horse, with a lot of respect for the animal. 
He's coaching successfully the Non Pro's for more than 5 years. He respect the level of each rider an try to bring the horse and rider together. 


Our indoor arena is 35 x 70 meters which is connected to our outdoor arena of 40 x 80 meters. That makes Europes longest run down/in training facility!
The covered round pen is 18 meters diameter, perfect to start young horses or make horses moved in a save place. 
We have 16 pastures for our sport horses with a size of 1'400 sqm.
The covered walker is made for up to 8 horses.
The main barn hosts 33 boxes with the size of 4 x4 meter with an attached paddock 4 x 6 meters. Additional we have a separate barn with 10 boxes 3.5 x 4 meters, and each with an attached paddock from 3.5 x 6 meters. This barn have an extra wash place and tackroom. A perfect place for clinics, outside trainers or costumers who stay over the weekend. 
The 15 broodmares boxes are 5 x 7 meters with an attached paddock from 7 x 6 meters. Normally the broodmares are out side on our 7 hectares pasture, but for vet control or birth we bring them in the broodmare boxes. 

Boarding 1 Month

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inkl. taxes

Traininghorse, inkl. daily pasture or walker                    605.00 €
Broodmare, inkl. grooming                                                308.00 €
Weanling/Yearling, inkl. grooming                                   308.00 €

not included is ferrier, hoof care, supplements, vet and transport

Training 1 Month

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Full Training 5 times a Week                                             500.00 €
Half Training 2-3 times a Week                                        300.00 €

Supplements 1 Month

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Solarium                                                                             for free
Excel-Q                                                                                25.00 €
Junior Vital                                                                         30.00 €                                                  
Equitop Myoplast                                                              80.00 €
Steam Therapy 5 times a week                                      150.00 €
Hofmag treatment 2 times a week with 30 min          150.00 €
Ice Cooling 5 times a week                                              150.00 €
Aquatrainer 2 times a week with 20 min                       300.00 €


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cost per day                                                                       70.00 €

includes  coaching, muck out, feeding, tackroom, hotel of trainer & groom, food for trainer & groom, fixing lost shoes, using of cooling machine, trockenmax, equisage, flexineb, hofmag, wraps, boots, tapes, rubbers, blankets, coolers, bits, drinks & candys, coffee, shoe cleaning, horse fan


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we have different transport possibilities aviable